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About our Armoury team

Our Armourer has worked on hundreds of film and tv productions as an armourer and/or SFX technician.

We are experienced in working on many types of productions in the UK and abroad, in any conditions and circumstances.

Our services include:

  • Our own workshop where we supply, design and manufacture to our client's requirements.
  • Two principal armourers/SFX technicians who have over 50 years combined experience of working on TV and film productions.
  • We supply a complete range of replica, deactivated and practical firearms (including Section 5 Prohibited Firearms), edged weapons, offensive weapons, stunt weapons, police and military equipment and ballistic SFX.
  • In conjunction with our partner companies, who are also BBC and ITV approved contractors, we supply specialist police and military extras and a complete range of SFX if required.
  • BBC approved contractors.
  • ITV approved contractors.
  • MoD approved contractors.
  • Police Registered Firearms Dealers.
  • Home Office Section 5 Prohibited Firearms approved.
  • BECTU Member.
  • Gun Trade Association Member.


Tel: 07871 335999- 24 hour

All props and equipment come with comprehensive data information sheet's if required, so in the case of a particular uniform or item of equipment details will include, make, model, year of manufacture, instructions on correct usage, authority using this particular item and dates used to and from, all this information becomes vitally usefully for realism and continuity.

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