All our police props are 100% genuine

Glock 17 (supplied with Armourer)

Eotech sight, UK police

police ballistic shields

safariland holster

Axon X2 Taser, taser stungun, police taser, exclusivly from police prop store

Police taser, X26 taser, stun gun

ballistic goggles

ctsfo rescue knife

Rescue knife, exclusive to police prop store

CTSFO comms headset

blackhawk taser holster, taser holster

Taser x26 skeletal holster

ctsfo gloves

CTSFO gloves

optical site

glock magazine

prop Glock magazine

Glock 17

H&K G36 (supplied with Armourer)

ARV grab bag

glock magazine


Glock 17

Laser sight, red dot sight

Glock 17

Endoscope, inspection camera with light

Glock 17

CTSFO Fast helmet with Peltor comms set

Glock 17

Laser sight, red dot sight


photo coming soon.