police radio hire

Motorola MTH800 Airwave radio, fully working units. Used by the Met police and around 60% of the uk police

police sepura radio

Sepura SRP200 Airwave radio, Fully working unit. used by 20% of the UK police

hire police prop radios

police radio props

police motorola radio

Motorola MTP850 Tetra radio

police radios

Tetra Police radios

sepura police radios

New Sepura Tetra radio SC21, police Sepura radiofully working units

Police radio hire

old police radio

Burndept BE540 in car VHF/UHF set

Motorola MTM700 in car UHF set

vintage police radio

Marconi RC690 in car radio set

Marconi in car set

Cleartone VHF/UHF in car set

old transportable cell phone

motorola transportable cell phone

police in car radio, motorola police radio

radio clips


photo coming soon.