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Our Expert Police Advisory Service can take your production to a new level

Are you a TV producer or film maker looking to create compelling and authentic police scenes? Our Police Advisory Service provides you with the expertise and advice you need to ensure your production delivers accurate and compelling police scenes. With a team of  more than 20 former police officers, detectives and civilian police trained staff we offer a range of valuable services to enhance the authenticity of your script, characters, techniques, equipment and technical aspects.

Script authentication and reading service

Our team of experienced consultants carefully review your script, ensuring the accuracy of police procedures, dialogue, and character portrayals. We provide valuable information and suggestions to improve the authenticity of your story. We also offer a reading service where our experts, including former police officers, will voice your characters, bring your scenes to life, and make them sound real.

Support and On-Set Training

To further increase the authenticity of your police scenes, we offer on-set support and training. Our experienced police advisors can be present during filming, providing guidance and ensuring the accuracy of every detail. We work closely with your team, providing real-time feedback and adjusting equipment performance, techniques, and usage to maintain consistency and credibility throughout production.

Technology, equipment, and technical advice

To really get the gist of law enforcement, it’s important to understand the right techniques, devices, and technical details. Our Police Advisory Service provides invaluable advice, ensuring actors and crew are accurately portraying police procedures and using the right equipment. From arrest techniques to crime scene investigations, we offer practical tips and demos to add an unprecedented level of realism to your production.

Exclusive Access to Police Resources

As part of our Police Advisory Service, you get exclusive access to a wealth of police resources (the largest in the UK). We provide an extensive database of reference materials including authentic police reports, procedural manuals and training materials. These resources are invaluable for script development, allowing you to create scenes that accurately reflect the complexities of law enforcement.

Collaborations and partnerships

At our Police Advisory Service, we believe in building strong collaborations and partnerships. We know how important it is to work closely with your creative team to realize your vision and ensure the highest level of authenticity. Our consultants strive to actively listen to your needs, sharing their expertise and working closely together to bring your vision to life with unparalleled realism.

Choose our police advisors to increase the quality and authenticity of your police scenes. With our team of former response police, detectives, armed response we offer script authenticity, reading services, technique and equipment advice, on-set assistance, and exclusive access to law enforcement resources. Together we create compelling narratives that engage audiences.

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